The Lurkio Review of
The Brighton Exhibition
October 2005


It was on a wet Wednesday that I and two chums went to visit the Doctor Who Exhibition on Brighton Pier.  By the time my train arrived in Brighton, I had long forgotten the reason for deciding to visit, but the brains in marketing came to my rescue with a small reminder hanging from the roof of Brighton Central station.

With a new determination, we headed off in search of Brighton Pier...

The first clue that you are in the right place is a full-size Police Box at the entrance to the pier, being completely ignored by the general public. It seems that the 9th Doctor was right when he said people would just walk round it!

Even with this to whet our appetites, it was still easy to be sidetracked by the smell of chips and doughnuts, until
we were guided by an array of banners leading us ever onwards...

(see all banners)

After walking through a very long amusement arcade with its tempting horse-rides and Alpine Racer skiing game, you knew you were approaching this season’s must-see event by the clarion call of Ron Grainer’s finest beckoning you towards a larged domed building.


Inside we were greeted by the sunny disposition of the sole member of staff, a friendly Scandinavian girl who didn’t look remotely bored!  Surrounded by the booming sounds of video clips her smile did not waiver and she may be serving happily as I type.

 Before paying the modest entry fee (£6 for adults) you can see the Trinny and Susanna droids and an old-style Dalek


When you turn your first corner, you are confronted by displays for each of the preceding eight doctors.  Being a seasoned Who aficionado, I didn’t bother reading the potted histories of each doctor, but rushed towards the buttons which revealed hidden monsters, in the darkness… waiting…

…the most scary (for me) being the Cyberman.  Knowing of their propensities to actually hide away in dark corners of freighters, sewers and any place you wouldn’t expect them, it lent them an added air of menace.  They are imposing and it’s easy to see why – hopefully – children have  found them terrifying and hopefully will continue to do so from next year.  Make ‘em jump out of dark crevices Mr Russell T Davies!





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