Episode details
***May contain spoilers***


Christopher Eccleston: The Doctor
Billie Piper: Rose Tyler

Also starring:

Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler)
Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith)

 1: Rose 26th March
By Russell T Davies
When Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, life will never be the same again.  
Soon, she realises that her mum, her boyfriend, and the whole of Planet Earth are in danger.

Also starring:
Mark Benton (Clive Finch)
Corey Doabe (Spray Paint Kid)
Elli Garnett (Caroline Finch)
Adam McCoy (Finch's son)

 2: The End of the World 2nd April
By Russell T Davies
The Doctor takes Rose on her first voyage through time, to the year Five Billion.
The Sun is about to swallow the Earth, but amongst the aliens gathering to watch, a murderer is at work.
Also starring:
Zoe Wanamaker (Cassandra)
Yasmin Bannerman (Jabe)

3: The Unquiet Dead 9th April
By Mark Gatiss
The Doctor takes Rose back through time to 1869, but in Victorian Cardiff, the dead are walking
and Charles Dickens joins the battle with the ethereal Gelth.

Also starring:
Simon Callow (Charles Dickens)
Huw Rhys (Redpath)
Jennifer Hill (Mrs. Peace)
Alan David (Gabriel Sneed)
Eve Myles (Gwyneth)
Meic Povey (Driver)

4: Aliens of London 16th April
By Russell T Davies

The Doctor takes Rose home. But when a spaceship crash-lands in the Thames, London is closed off, and the whole world goes on Red Alert.
While the Doctor investigates the alien survivor, Rose discovers that her home
is no longer a safe haven. Who are the Slitheen?
5: World War Three 23rd April
By Russell T Davies

Also starring:
Navin Chowdhry (Indra Ganesh)
Penelope Wilton (Harriet Jones)
Annette Badland (Margaret Blaine)
Naoko Mori (Dr. Sato)
Rupert Vansittart (General Asquith)
Jimmy Vee (Alien)
Andrew Marr (as himself)
David Verrey (Joseph Green)
Basil Chung (Chinese Man)
Fiesta Mei Ling (Chinese Woman)
Morgan Hopkins (Sgt. Price)
Eric Potts (Oliver Charles)
Steven Speirs (Assistant Commissioner Strickland)
Lachele Carl (Reporter)
Jack Tarlton (Reporter)

6: Dalek 30th April
By Rob Shearman
An old enemy is trapped and the Doctor must deal with it
Also starring:
Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Voices)
Bruno Langley (Adam Mitchell)
Corey Johnson (Henry)
Anna-Louise Plowman (Diana)
Shaun Dingwall (Pete, 8)
Steven Beckingham (Polkowski)
John Schwab (Bywater)
Barnaby Edwards (Dalek Operator)
Jana Carpenter (DiMaggio)
Nigel Whitmey (Simmons)
Joe Montana (Commander)

7: The Long Game 7th May
By Russell T Davies
Tentatively: the Doctor and Rose are subjected to a "Big Brother" scenario

Also starring:
Simon Pegg
Tamsin Greig
Bruno Langley (Adam Mitchell)
Colin Prockter (Head Chef)
Judy Holt (Sandra)
Christine Adams (Cath)
Anna Maxwell Martin (Suki)

 8: Father's Day 14th May
By Paul Cornell
The Doctor shows Rose the danger of time travel

Also starring:
Frank Rozelaar-Green (Sonny)
Rhian James (Suzie)
Eirlys Bellin (Bev)
Christopher Llewellyn (Stuart)
Natalie Jones (Sarah)
Casey Dyer (Boy)

 9: The Empty Child 21st May
10: The Doctor Dances 28th May
By Steven Moffat
The Doctor and Rose visit England during the Blitz in the 1940's
Also starring:
Richard Wilson (Dr. Constantine)
Florence Hoath (Nancy)
Albert Valentine (Empty Child)
Cheryl Fergison
Damian Samuels
Robert Hands
Martin Hodgson
Joseph Tremain
Jordan Murphy
Brandon Miller

11: Boom Town 4th June
Bad Wolf 11th June
13: The Parting of the Ways 18th June
By Russell T Davies
A Dalek invasion? Unknown storyline
Also starring:
John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness)
Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Voices)


Take Me Home


It's Here...   Doctor Who

The new series started on Saturday 26th March 2005 at 7pm

Series One Writers:
Russell T Davies (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 13)
Mark Gatiss (3)
Paul Cornell (8)
Steven Moffat (9, 10)
Rob Shearman (6)
Keith Boak (1, 4, 5)
Euros Lyn (2, 3)
Joe Ahearne (6, 8, 12, 13)
Brian Grant (7)
James Hawes (9, 10)
First Assistant Directors
George Gerwitz (1)
Lloyd Ellis (2,3)
James DaHaviland (4,5)
Gareth Williams (6,8)
Jon Older (9,10)

Executive Producers:
Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, Mal Young,
Phil Collinson
Script Editors:
Elwen Rowlands, Helen Raynor

Additional details

Filming commenced on July 18, 2004 on location in Cardiff, Wales; production will be based there.
13 episodes on BBC1, broadcast starting in March 2005 (TBC)
45 minute (approximate) episode lengths,
a mixture of stand-alone stories with a handful of two-parters
Series expected to be shot using widescreen digital video
Stories will be a mixture of Earth-based adventures and outer space/alien worlds
The Daleks will be in the series; rights issues were worked out with estate of Terry Nation
Other former adversaries to be included in the first handful of episodes
Moffat writing two episodes; Shearman, Cornell, Gatiss each 1 episode;
Davies the balance of the episodes

Take Me Home