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15 October 2005
The Gallifrey Archives Team visited the Doctor Who Exhibition at Brighton
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Thursday 8th June 2006

Totally Doctor Who

Channel: BBC 1          1

Time: 17:00 to 17:25 (starting in 7 days)  Duration: 25 minutes.

 Barney Harwood and Liz Barker present a show for children about the latest adventures of the Time Lord. Barney travels to Bonnybridge, Scotland - the UFO sighting capital of the world; Noel Clarke, AKA Mickey Smith, goes behind the scenes to see how a TARDISODE is made; in the Companion Academy, five hopeful cadets face a new task; MyAnna Buring talks about playing the part of Scooti; and Paul Kasey tell us about his time as an Ood.

 (Widescreen, Subtitles)

 Repeated  Saturday 10th June 18:30, Monday  12th June 13:00, Friday 16th June 18:30

Saturday 10th June

Doctor Who

Channel: BBC 1          1

Date: Saturday 10th June 2006

Time: 19:00 to 19:45 (starting in 9 days)  Duration: 45 minutes.

The Satan Pit

As Rose battles the murderous Ood, the Doctor finds his every belief being challenged to the core, as the Pit beckons. With the planet threatening to fall into the black hole, the Doctor must make the ultimate sacrifice. David Tennant, Billie Piper, Paul Kasey, Gabriel “Sutekh” Woolf.

 (Subtitles, Audio Described, 3 Star)

Repeated Sunday 11th June 19:00  BBC Three

Followed by DWC-Cut Down for 15 minutes

Repeated Friday 16th June 21:00  BBC Three

Followed by DWC-Cut Down for 15 minutes




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