Brighton Review
15 October 2005
The Gallifrey Archives Team visited the Doctor Who Exhibition at Brighton
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2006 Series Media Downloads

Interviews and TV & Radio snippets


Tracey-Ann Oberman
on BBC Breakfast

Tracey-Ann Oberman 's BBC Breakfast interview from July 14th

>> Watch the interview


John Barrowman:
Richard & Judy

John Barrowman's interview on Richard & Judy 9th January 2006

>> Watch the interview


Billie Piper: Entertainment News

Billie on Radio One Entertainment News 1st August 2006

>> Listen to the interview




Interview from the New Series Previews

Mark Gatiss is interviewed at the Cardiff Millennium Centre at the press Launch following the preview of New Earth

>> Listen to the show



David Tennant on the Jo Whiley Show

David Tennant was quizzed by Jo Whiley on 13th April 2006, discussing the history of Doctor Who, discussed the logistics of hiding behind the sofa, and answering questions from Radio One listeners.

>> Listen to the interview 


Radio Wales goes Back In Time

May 6th on Radio Wales:
Julian Carey explores the links between the Time Lord and Wales.

So how did the Who team cope with casting a new Doctor, building a spaceship a few miles wide and made out of space rock and make it Christmas time in Cardiff in the middle of an August heatwave? This is the show that reveals all.

>> Listen to the show



Russell T Davies Radio Two

On 30th April, Aled Jones interviewed Russell T Davies on Good Morning Sunday on Radio Two.  For those of you who weren't up at that unearthly hour, here it is again...

>> Listen to the interview


David Tennant on Tonight with Jonathan Ross

>> The guest introduction

>> The interview

David Tennant on The Big Fat Quiz of the year

>> Watch the clip





2006 BAFTAs...

Best Drama...

>> watch the clip


2006 BAFTAs...

Russell T Davies...

>> watch the clip

2006 BAFTAs...

Billie Piper...

>> watch the clip


Trailers and Tardisodes


2006 Series Preview...

Newsround previews the 2006 series 31st March 2006...

>> watch the clip


BBCi Preview

Watch the preview trailer aired on BBCi

>> watch the clip 


New Series Trailer

Watch the new series trailer

>> watch the clip  


9th and 10th Doctor Trailer...

Watch the 9th and 10th Doctors Christmas Invasion Countdown trailer here...

>> watch the trailer


A Christmas Invasion...

Watch the trailer here...

>> watch the trailer

A Christmas Invasion..

Watch the first teaser trailer here...

>> watch the teaser trailer (High Quality)

>> watch the 2nd teaser trailer (High Quality) 


The Girl in The Fireplace

Watch the Tardisode for The Girl in the Fireplace

>> watch the clip


The Rise of the Cybermen

Watch the Tardisode for The Rise of the Cybermen

>> watch the clip




Watch the Children in Need Special...

>> Watch the Children in Need Special..


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